April 16th at 12:30pm - Online

Boost your freelance career with Malt

Malt is the preferred partner of successful freelancers, but for that, you need to be able to use the platform to its full potential. 

In this Malt Academy, we'll be looking at:

- the best practices for having a complete, visible and above all attractive profile.

- tips and tricks to help you use Malt efficiently and optimally.

This webinar includes a lot of information shared in our E-book Onboarding on Malt, but it also includes personalised advices. 

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First impression matters. And that goes for your profile too.

As Community Builder Expert at Malt, Gaelle Houyoux spends her days surrounded by freelancers understanding the needs, the reality and the demands among companies. She sometimes scans profile in search of the most suitable, competent and available ones.

During this webinar, she will share with you :

  • How our client companies read the freelance profiles on Malt;
  • The essentials to make your profile stand out and to catch the eye of clients;
  • Tips to boost your profile and make it as attractive as possible.
Put all the chances on your side to get more opportunities!

Put all the chances on your side to get more opportunities!


Gaelle Houyoux
Gaelle Houyoux
Community Builder Expert